Ranking 8 Best Rosary Beads In Blasphemous 2


It’s possible to find 27 different Rosary Beads in Blasphemous 2. Let’s talk about which ones you should get right away.

Rosary Beads are back in Blasphemous 2, and they give players even more benefits than the ones they get from Altairpieces Statues and Resonance combos. They can be used to remove effects or make them stronger. Around 27 Rosary Beads can be found in Blasphemous 2, spread out in all the scary religious places of this world for the Penitent One to find.

Another thing is that Rosary Beads have different levels of rarity. And the icons below each word show how strong or weak its effect is. That being said, let’s look at the best Rosary Bead choices in general and rank them against each other.

Deformed Rat Skull

Blasphemous 2 - Looking At The Deformed Rat Skull In The Rosary Beads Menu
Deformed Rat SkullEarns a few more Martyrdom Points.

The Deformed Rat Skull is the first buff that we’ll use. This is a great example to show that most Rosary effects in this game have more than one item that gives different amounts of that effect. Each item gives either a “Slight” amount, a “Increase,” or a “Significant” increase to the chosen stat. The Deformed Rat Skull only gives a small boost to Martyrdom Points, but any boost to Marks of Martyrdom Points earned is valuable. Because players will need a lot of them to unlock all the Altairpiece spots and Weapon Memories.

Concentrated Sphere Of Guilt

Blasphemous 2 - Picking Up The Concentrated Sphere Of Guilt
Concentrated Sphere of GuiltCuts down a lot on how much guilt the Penitent One drops when they die.

This next one is only suggested for Blasphemous 2 players who die and respawn a lot at save points. Which is probably still a big chunk of the player group given how hard the game is. It is said that when the Penitent One dies in Blasphemous 2. He “drops” some sorrow that players must then pick up and take back. That being said, the Penitent One’s Fervour bar is much lower without that Guilt, which, based on the player’s starting weapon, can be pretty rough. The Penitent One can hold on to a lot more of his Guilt when he dies thanks to this Concentrated Sphere of Guilt. This is, strangely enough, a good thing in the world of Blasphemous 2.

Miniature Pincushion

Blasphemous 2 - Opening The Chest With The Mini Pincushion Inside
Miniature PincushionMuch lessens the damage that falls and traps do.

Blasphemous 2 doesn’t have a crazy number of traps, but there are still enough to keep you on edge. Most of the time, they’re placed. So that players have to either kill enemies to avoid traps nearby or avoid traps to kill enemies nearby.

That won’t be as much of a problem with the Miniature Pin Cushion, though. It doesn’t protect the Penitent One from falls and traps, that would be too much. However, it does greatly lessen the harm those traps will cause.

Obolus of Proximo

Blasphemous 2 - Opening The Chest With The Obolus Of Proxima Inside
Obolus of ProximoTears of Atonement received are greatly increased.

Most Blasphemous 2 players would say that the Marks of Martyrdom are more important than the Tears of Atonement. Marks of Martyrdom aren’t used in a lot of places. But the ones that are have a huge effect on the player’s character. On the other hand, the Tears of Atonement can be used to buy things from NPC shops and for a few other things. But they are not usually very important. For that reason, players who have the Obolus of Proximo will be able to gather a huge number of Tears of Atonement without even trying to.

Any Of The ‘Significant’ Elemental Resistance Beads

Blasphemous 2 - Opening The Chest With The Scratched Face From The Cavas Inside
Imprint of ScalopendraIncreases resistance to fire damage by a large amount
Sphere Kissed by the StormSignificantly raises resistance to damage from lightning
Scratched Face from the CanvasSignificantly raises resistance to damage from Mysticism
Compass of the StrandedMakes it much harder for Miasmas to hurt you.
Votive Offering Claimed by RustSignificantly raises resistance to elements

For those who are interested in elemental resistance, Blasphemous 2 has a lot of different Rosary Beads. There are many more things besides the Compass of the Stranded. The Scratched Face from the Canvas, and the Imprint of Scalopendra. The ones that slightly boost resistance to things like Miasma, Fire, or Mystical damage won’t make a big difference at first. But once players start collecting the general increase or significant increase items, they are definitely worth putting on.

It’s so true that players can just switch out their Rosary Beads for the elemental resistance things. That are best for the boss they are currently fighting. If you fight that boss with those beads on, you’ll see right away how much of a difference they can make in how much damage you take.

Embossed Rat Skull

Blasphemous 2 - Opening The Chest With The Embossed Rat Skull Inside
Embossed Rat SkullIncreases Martyrdom Points significantly

We now move on to the improved version of the Deformed Rat Skull. As you might expect, it’s just an improvement. People who want to get as many Marks of Martyrdom as quickly as possible should keep this equipped for the same reason they should keep the Deformed Rat Skull equipped. Of course, this Rosary Bead will probably never be worn again once the player gets to a certain point in Blasphemous 2. But until then, which is likely to be a while, it’s hard to see why this one should ever be worn without gear.

Chisel-Engraved Wounds

Blasphemous 2 - Purchasing The Chisel Engraved Wounds
Chisel-Engraved WoundsMakes a ghostly sound when you get close to secret areas.

Ah, the Chisel-Engraved Wounds, the item that lets you find secrets. It takes a little more work to get this one. Because you have to give a very special item to an NPC. But once a player gets this item, they’ll probably wear it almost all the time. The funniest thing is that this Rosary Bead is very good at helping you find secrets. But it doesn’t really narrow things down. This means that players will often hear that “ghostly” sound and then spend a long time trying to figure out where that sound was meant to make them look.

Pewter Tears

Blasphemous 2 - Opening The Chest With The Pewter Tears Inside
Pewter TearsMakes you much more resistant to all kinds of bodily damage.

Finally, the Pewter Tears are at the top of the list. This is actually an item that resists an element. But Blasphemous 2 has so much physical damage that anything that lowers it deserves its own spot. The Penitent One also takes a lot less damage from attacks because of the Pewter Tears. A lot of the bosses in Wordle Unlimited depend on elemental damage, so this might not have a big effect on them. But it will have a big effect on a lot of the basic mobs while the player is exploring the map. Anyone who can find something that helps the Penitent One stay alive longer during a long fight with any of the three tools will be very interested.