6 Best Early-Game Upgrades In Armored Core 6


To get ahead in the game, these Armored Core 6 upgrades are a must.

In Armored Core 6, players can change a lot of things about how missions work. And the tasks get harder as you go. Games give players more ways to improve their ACs than just Frame Parts and guns. These are called OS Tuning upgrades.

To get OS Tuning upgrades, players have to kill enemies in the Arena. And they can only access new targets after finishing an episode. Which OS Tuning updates should you get as soon as possible? Here are some improvements that all Armored Core players should get for their mechs to make their ACs stronger and give them more tactical advantages:

Boost Kick

It starts with the Boost Kick, which is the first OST improvement that Armored Core 6 players can get once they have OST chips. The best thing about getting this improvement early is that it adds another attack to a player’s AC. To do Boost Kick, press the Assault Boost button again while the AC is already doing Assault Boost. It’s important to time this move right and figure out how far away the target is. Because the kick does more damage when the enemy is stunned.

For mobile ACs, having an extra attack like the Boost Kick really helps their damage output. It does good damage to opponents who are already stunned. And it can be used to close the gap and then follow up with their weapon cycle to do the most damage.

Quick Turn

One thing that should be clear to players as they go deeper into Armored Core 6 tasks and face stronger ACs is how important it is to keep targets on screen. Later ACs are harder to lock on to because they move quickly around the field and try to catch players off guard.

This is where Quick Turn comes in handy. The OST update in question lets ACs do a quick turn of 180 to 360 degrees, as the name suggests. This quick change is especially important for people who use a control pad. Because it lets them keep track of enemy ACs that zoom behind their line of sight.

Assault Armor

By getting the Assault Armor as an OST Core Expansion, players who like to get close to their targets can improve their builds. Once it’s fully charged, the player’s AC will send out an explosion that hurts enemies in its path.

The Assault Armor is a great way to quickly kill enemies, especially ones that are standing still. It’s best to see how long it takes for the shockwave to burst before putting this Expansion on an AC. That way, players can time their weapon fire to do the most damage. Players can max out this OST Core Expansion and use this move three times. But they need to be careful because it has a cooldown.

Pulse Protection / Pulse Armor

You can choose between the Pulse Protection and Pulse Armor OST Core Expansion improvements if you like to play defense. After a short charge time, both upgrades make ACs send out a protective sphere around themselves. These spheres will stay in place until a set timer runs out or until enemy hits do too much damage for them to handle.

To tell them apart, Pulse Protection places a safe sphere in a certain spot. Which is usually where the AC casts the ability. In the sphere, the player can hide and avoid getting hurt. Pulse Armor, on the other hand, will protect the AC with a sphere that will soak up damage until it breaks or its time is up.

Both can be used strategically, so Slope Game players can choose whichever one they like better. They should try to figure out how the enemy plays and then pick the Core Expansion that will help them the most.

Direct Hit Modifier

Attack Control OST improvements are easy to find. Because players should know what kinds of weapons they can use on their ACs. But when it comes to modifiers, the Direct Hit Modifier is the best one to get and max out as soon as possible.

A key part of battle that players should always try to achieve is stubbing the other team’s AC. Direct Hits do a lot more damage, and players can only use them on enemies that are dazed. To put it another way, getting the Direct Hit Modifier makes an AC do more damage. Which is very helpful during Mission boss fights.

To get this to its fullest, though, you need more OST Chips, which you can only get by completing story tasks and passing more Arena Rank tests. But when it comes to Attack Control OST improvements, getting the Direct Hit Modifier is a no-brainer and should be done right away.

Weapons Bay

The best early-game OST upgrade that players can get is the Weapons Bay. With this System Unlock feature, players can switch between the shoulder-mounted guns that come with their ACs and the hand-held weapons that come with their left and right arms.

Giving players the choice to equip two more in-hand weapons gives player. Who like to try out different builds more ways to customize their characters and makes their ACs more useful. One thing that can be changed is the AC. So that it has two melee weapons on the left hand, like the Pulse Blade and the Pile Bunker. During battle, they can easily switch between weapons. Which is a great way to make sure they have another one ready to use when their main one is cooldown.

With more balanced builds, each player has one shoulder weapon on their chosen side (left or right). And two switch weapons that fit their play style.