How to Submit Guest Posts to Fashion Blogs and Magazines to Promote Your Brand

Guest Posts to Fashion Blogs

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive and saturated markets. With new brands and products constantly emerging, getting noticed can be a real challenge. One effective way to increase visibility and establish credibility is by submitting guest posts to popular fashion blogs and online magazines.

Guest Posts to Fashion Blogs

Guest blogging allows you to tap into an already engaged audience and get your brand in front of potential new customers. By providing value through informative and entertaining content, you can position yourself as an industry expert. However, securing a guest post is not always easy. You need a compelling pitch and high-quality content to even get considered.

This guide will cover how to submit guest posts to fashion blogs and magazines to promote your brand:

Identify Relevant Publications Accepting Guest Posts

Start by making a list of fashion blogs and online magazines you want to write for. Look for publications that reach your target audience and align with your brand aesthetic and voice. Study the content, tone, and topics they cover to determine if it’s a good fit.

Search their website for a “Write For Us” or “Contributors” page. Many publications openly state if they accept pitches for guest content. You can also check influencer marketing platforms like Famebit that connect brands with content creators.

Understand The Publication’s Editorial Calendar And Needs

Before pitching, understand the publication’s editorial calendar and current needs. Pay attention to recurring themes, popular series, and seasonal trends they focus on. This will help craft a pitch that resonates with what they want to cover.

For example, a swimsuit brand could pitch guest posts timed around summer fashion. A handbag company could suggest content focused on fall accessory trends. Tailoring your idea to their calendar shows you did research.

Follow The Guest Post Guidelines

Every publication has its own policies for submitting guest posts. They usually provide detailed guidelines covering topics like:

  • Preferred article length
  • Writing style and tone
  • Image formats and sizes
  • Deadlines for submissions
  • Editorial focus and prohibited topics

Follow these instructions closely. It shows respect for their brand standards and improves chances they’ll consider your pitch.

Craft A Compelling Pitch

Your pitch email is your first impression, so make it count. Include:

  • A clear, concise topic that fits their brand. For example, “Pitch: Summer Fashion Essentials for the Beach.”
  • A short outline detailing the post structure and key points you’ll cover.
  • Brief bio highlighting your credentials and brand.
  • Links to other published articles or brand press.

Keep it short and focused on what value you can provide their audience through an informative, engaging post.

Write A Unique Article

If your pitch gets accepted, you’ll need to write an outstanding guest post. Make sure it’s:

  • Organic, conversational writing free of overt product pitches.
  • Full of value, tips, insights, and inspiration for readers.
  • Optimal length based on their guidelines.
  • Properly formatted with headers, images, captions, and metadata.
  • Includes relevant internal links to resources but no external links.

Quality over quantity is key. Writing an exceptional article that doesn’t hard-sell shows your expertise.

Include Strong Visual Assets

Images, graphics, and video grab attention in fashion content. Include:

  • High-res photos showcasing products, styling tips, or behind-the-scenes brand shots.
  • Original infographics, illustrations, or diagrams supporting key points.
  • Short videos demonstrating products or conveying your brand story.

Imagery should enhance the experience without being distracting. Optimize any visuals for web: compressed file sizes, landscape dimensions, alt text, etc.

Follow Up Politely

Don’t pester publications, but do follow up if you haven’t heard back on a pitch within a week or two. Send a short email checking on the status and restating your interest in contributing. Persistence pays off.

If a pitch gets rejected, respond professionally thanking them for consideration. Politely ask if they have any other topics or content types they are looking for. This keeps the door open for future opportunities.

Promote Your Guest Posts

Once published, promote your guest post across your marketing channels. Share it on social media, link to it from your website, and leverage it in email campaigns and ads.

Make sure to follow the publication’s attribution policies and give them credit. This helps build a strong partnership for potential future collaborations.


Securing fashion guest posts allows emerging brands to tap into new audiences and demonstrate expertise. By providing real value through content, you can establish credibility and trust with consumers. Just make sure pitches and articles are tailored for each publication and showcase your unique perspective.

With a targeted, high-quality approach, guest posts can become a core part of your digital marketing strategy. The connections built with bloggers and editors can lead to invaluable exposure and growth. Treat each guest post as an opportunity to start relationships, not just one-off content placements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find the right publications to pitch for guest posts?

A: Research fashion blogs and online magazines in your niche. Look for ones that reach your target demographic, align with your brand tone, and actively publish contributor content.

Q: What should I include in a guest post pitch email?

A: Your pitch should include a specific post topic, brief outline, short bio, and links to published articles or brand press. Keep it concise and tailored to that publication.

Q: What’s the best way to follow up on an unanswered pitch?

A: Wait 1-2 weeks after the initial pitch before following up. Send a short email politely checking on the status and restating your interest in contributing.

Q: How much promotional language can I include in a guest post?

A: Guest posts should provide value for readers, not overtly pitch your brand. Limited natural mentions of your products/services are fine, but don’t overdo it.

Q: Why is including visual assets important for fashion guest posts?

A: Images, graphics, and video allow you to showcase products, styling tips, and brand story visually. This adds value for readers interested in fashion and style.