10 Cards You Should Remove ASAP In Marvel Snap


If a player in Marvel Snap added these cards to their deck, they should take them out right away.

A huge number of different cards are available in Marvel Snap that can be used to make different decks. Some cards don’t have the image of “better” cards, even though many of them follow a niche synergy or just a strong path of independence in general.In Marvel Snap, these cards are usually not taken into account, even though they might give you a good ability of some kind.

Because the game is very competitive, players look for “meta” cards that can quickly make combos work and demand a location’s win with a lot of Power. There are some cards that fans usually leave alone in their collections because they aren’t good enough to be in Marvel Snap‘s competitive frame yet.


mantis in marvel snap

Some of the hardest characters to pick in Marvel Snap are the 1-Cost cards. Since many of them have useful powers that help you make a plan or two for the long term. Some 1-Cost cards, on the other hand, are better off left alone because they don’t have as good of powers as meta 1-Cost cards.

Mantis is one of these cards, since her “On Reveal” ability doesn’t help in the important ways. It’s not very useful that her On Reveal ability lets players draw a card from the other player’s deck. If they played a card at Mantis’ position in the same turn. Because it depends on luck and doesn’t work well with other things, Mantis isn’t even close to Marvel Snap’s meta.

Adam Warlock

adam warlock's card in marvel snap

There’s no way that Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful cards in Marvel Snap, even though a lot of fans thought that at first. Adam Warlock is a two-cost card that doesn’t have any Power. This card has no power, so it’s not very useful. However, his ability controls a small feature that some players might like.

When a player wins the place where Adam Warlock is living. They can draw another card at the end of their turn. Adam Warlock may give players another card, but it doesn’t help with anything else and doesn’t have any Power. It’s not worth adding to any deck.


cable's card

Cable has the On Reveal ability, which lets players draw a card from the bottom of their opponent’s deck. This ability is similar to Mantis’s. Cable also has two Powers that can be added to a spo. But they don’t do anything useful, and Cable isn’t very strong, so he’s not a good addition to a 12-card deck.

Fans don’t get much satisfaction from taking an opponent’s card because they don’t know what they’ll get. Also, since the card was at the bottom of the deck, the opponent wouldn’t have counted on it anyway. The only time Cable is useful is when it works “alright” with The Collector.

Agatha Harkness

agatha harkness card

To be blunt, Agatha Harkness is one of the worst 6-Cost cards in Marvel Snap. The person may bring 14 Power to the tab. But they don’t even get to choose where their cards go or which ones are played. This is because Agatha Harkness’s ability lets her start with the player’s first hand and direct their cards.

At first, a “AFK” deck sounds interesting, but it can be hard to manage in a number of situations and doesn’t have the general supreme management that more popular decks do. In conclusion, a lot more 6-Cost cards are better at what they do and how they can be used.

Mister Sinister

mister sinister's card

Mister Sinister is one of the least-used cards in the game. And even fewer players include him in their meta-based teams. Mister Sinister is a two-cost card that has two Power. When it’s revealed, it can add a sinister clone with the same Power to the same spot.

To many fans, Mister Sinister has been an important part of destroy decks. However, there are many other cards that would be better in that 2 Energy spot. When it comes to taking a spot, two cards that only have 2 Power at first aren’t the best choice.


angel in marvel snap

People who play Marvel Snap have said that Angel is one of the worst cards in Funny Shooter 2, which is a ridiculous claim. Angel is a card that costs 1 and has 2 power. After reading that, players might think that the X-Men character has a great power. But he only has the power to “fly” in place of a killed friendly card (as long as Angel is in the player’s deck).

This ability is one of the least useful because Angel doesn’t do nearly enough for it to make sense to have the card fly in and add only 2 Power to a spot. If players give up a card at Death’s Domain, Angel will only ever be useful.


hawkeye's card marvel snap

When players download Marvel Snap, they will be able to use Hawkeye as one of the “starter” cards right away. As players start to build their decks, Hawkeye doesn’t seem like a bad card. But it turns into a card that players will “throw into their attic” when fans start to play around Pool Three.

On Reveal, Hawkeye gains +3 Power if a player places a card at his position during the next turn. Hawkeye costs 1 Energy and has 1 Power. At some point, Hawkeye is just a worse Rescue, and because he needs a card to be put at his spot. He gives away the player’s next move.

Mister Negative

marvel snap mister negative decks

Many Marvel Snap fans wanted to build the best deck possible around Mister Negative. Because he was one of the coolest ideas for deck niches and other things. What came next, though, was a huge letdown because Mister Negative depends too much on luck and very specific cards to be dependable.

Mister Negative is a 4 Cost card with -1 Power. When it shows up, it can change all of a player’s cards’ Energy prices and Power. As before, this can be very powerful with cards like Iron Man and Iron Heart. But luck plays a big role here too. No matter what, you can’t use Mister Negative because there aren’t enough cards that work well together.


marvel snap cerebro decks

Even though Cerebro is a one-of-a-kind card, that doesn’t mean it can be used in Battle Royale. It would have been very popular for Cerebro to be a 3-Cost card. If it had more Power and a better ability.

As long as Cerebro is in play, the neutral card with the most Power gets an extra 2 Power. But that’s not nearly enough of a boost to call it “outstanding.” Cerebro, Onslaught, Mystique, and other 3-Cost cards can deliver. If they are placed correctly, but many other cards are much more useful.


m'baku's card

Since it came out in Pool Three, M’Baku has been called a “meme” card. In fact, M’Baku is one of the worst cards in Marvel Snap. It’s pretty much at the very bottom of the list of all the cards. Their ability doesn’t make sense in any kind of deck since M’Baku is a 1-Cost card with 2 Power.

The card does not have a valid use because M’Baku’s ability only lets him “jump” to a random spot. If he is still in the player’s deck at the end of the game. By some strange coincidence, M’Baku may win the game for players who are down by one power, and he jumps to the right place, but it’s not good enough.